Tutorials and the main workshop will be held at

Ludwig Prandtl lecture hall

Max Planck Campus

Am Faßberg 11

37077 Göttingen, Germany

You can find busses from town to the Max Plank campus here

Hotels near the venue

The speakers and invited guest will be hosted in the ghotel (website)

Other hotels in Göttingen

  • Hotel Central Jüdenstr. 12, 37073 Göttingen (website)
  • B&B Hotel Göttingen City Maschmühlenweg 19-21, 37073 Göttingen (website)
  • Hotel Eden Reinhäuser Landstraße 22A, 37083 Göttingen (website)


Göttingen is located in central Germany and provides airports in surrounding cities with direct train connections to Göttingen, as well serviced fast track train station and a connection to the major highway A7. You can find car rental stations at the airports and train stations.