Jonathan Kadmon (right) and son Tom

About me

Jonathan Kadmon

I am a Swartz Foundation Fellow for Theory In Neuroscience. I am currently affiliated with Stanford's university Applied Physics Department, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Neural Dynamics and Computation Lab. Prior to that, I have completed my PhD in physics at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, under the supervision of Haim Sompolinsky. I live with my wife and two children in Palo, Alto, CA.

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Statistical physics of neural networks

Many problems in neuroscience and machine learning involve many variables that interact in ways that we can not observe nor understand. However as we have learned from other physical systems, often the collective behavior does not depend on the microscopic details. My main focus is studying emergent computational properties in systems composed of many interacting units. I have been applying various methods of statistical physics in general, and spin glasses in particular, to characterize the collective dynamics of neural networks – both recurrent and deep – and of inference problems with large graphical models. Also, I have been studying the dynamics and interaction of various neural circuits in the brain. Other interests include the understanding of the living world using mathematical and physical principles – from the level of protein interactions to the behaviors of animals.

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318 Campus Drive, office S245, Stanford, CA

All the art works in on this website, which I change periodically, are paintings by my father, Dubi Kadmon.