Group members

Jonathan Kadmon 

Principal Investigator 
jonathan.kadmon (at)

Jonathan Schwarcz

Ph.D. student, ELSC
Joint with the Lotem Lab

Johnschwarcz (at) 

Aryeh Fortisnky

Ph.D. student, Racah  Institute of Physics
Jointly advised by Zohar Ringel

aryeh.fortinsky (at)

Jan Bauer

Ph.D. student, ELSC

j.bauer (at)

Zhenyi Wang

Ph.D. student, ELSC (at)

Iyar Hadad

M.S. student, Brain and behavioral sciences

iyar.hadad (at)

Lee Elmaleh

Undergraduate researcher
Physics and Cognitive Sciences
lee.elmaleh (at)

Maher Hanut

Undergraduate researcher
Computer Sciences

Meitar Vatury

Undergraduate  researcher

CS and Cognitive Sciences